Frederick Hiam Limited is a diverse Farming and Fresh Produce Business, with farms in Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

Growing a wide range of crops including Potatoes, Onions, Parsnips, Parsley Root, Cereals, Sugar Beet, Maize, Grassland & Forestry. A large area of land is managed under stewardship schemes and conservation & wildlife management are important aspects of the farming strategy.

The business has 2 packhouses on the Brandon site, one specialising in Onions and the other in Root Vegetables and Potatoes.

Frederick Hiam has marketed vegetables under it’s own brand for nearly 100 years and today our Market Fresh Vegetables can be found throughout the UK and Europe.

T: +44(0)1842 815500
F: +44(0)1842 816999
M: +44(0)7801 591894

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