Our Farms are located in the Counties of Suffolk & Cambridgeshire


The farm comprises around 1680 acres of land in Suffolk, growing Potatoes, Sugar Beet & Cereals. Significant areas of the farm are set aside for conservation and wildlife habitats. There is a nature trail and bird reserve open to the public. The Farm was the winner of the East Anglian Grey Partridge Trophy in 2016.


Brick Kiln and Lime Kiln Farms comprise of 1040 acres of light sandy land, cropping is predominantly Potatoes, Onions, Parsnips, Wheat and Sugar Beet. Irrigation is essential on the light soil type for the production of quality crops and the farm is well served by reservoir and borehole water. Early cropping of Potatoes is possible in the sheltered areas of the Farms with harvest starting in early July.

The Brandon site has extensive Onion Storage for up to 12,000 tonnes of crop and is home to Frederick Hiam Foods and the Onion Grading and Packing Operation. The Company’s Accounts & Administration functions are located at Brick Kiln Farm. Located along the edge of Thetford Forest, there are 780 acres of woodland and ESA grassland. Potato QC facilities are located on the farm, with each load of potatoes being dispatched using Vendor Assurance QC.


Hill Farm at Tuddenham is the centre of operations for 1650 acres of owned and rented land. The land is primarily light sand which enables crops to mature early. We grow the full range of crops in this area. Harvest of Marfona potatoes normally commences in the first week of July with Parsnips also starting at this time.

Both Onion and Potato storage is located at Hill Farm as are QC and workshop facilities

Fen Farms

Our 3 Fen Farms : Shippea Hill, Letter F and Pratts are located 9 miles from Ely and are  heavy “Black Soil” Farms.  Cropping comprises of winter cereals and sugar beet. The Farms have a selection of crop stores which are used for Potato and Onion storage with a capacity of up to 6,000 tonnes of crop.

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